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Commercial Manager/QS

Ref: Commercial Manager - Senior QS
Salary: Negotiable
Posted: 24/05/2024
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Job Description – Commercial Manager – Brandon Suffolk




Specific duties and responsibilities of the role

  • Understand the Health & Safety requirements of tenders and contracts
  • Be responsible for the accurate production of estimates in accordance with the client’s

requirements and best practice.

  • Check contract/tender documentation and eliminate areas of risk.
  • Have a full understanding of the local market.
  • Assist the Branch in developing specific method statements.
  • Understand the cost base and production levels to secure work for the Branch.
  • Develop and maintain several specialist subcontract and supplier contacts, sufficient to avoid reliance on any one company.

Ensure production targets are issued and contract CVR’s are set.

  • Ensure the quality of subcontract orders are sufficient to avoid situations leading to potential claims against the Company.
  • Monitor all ongoing contract costs against those detailed in the original tender.
  • Highlight variations from anticipated costs and resolve promptly.
  • Record all variations, extras etc. and agree with the client.
  • Ensure that all Company Policies and Procedures are followed.
  • Make applications for payment on time and in a format agreed with the client to ensure prompt payment.
  • Ensure submitted invoices are paid on time
  • Monitor and accrue sales rebates
  • Approve payments to subcontractors in accordance with Company Policy.
  • Complete final accounts within the contractual timescale.
  • Ensure that financial reports accurately reflect the status of contracts in respect of progress, valuations, billings and collectable cash.
  • Ensure contracts have targets at detail and summary levels, from operative to contract manager
  • Understand and regularly review cost base of the branch including, labour rates, subcontractors, plant and materials
  • Support recruitment, induction, performance management and development of:
    • Commercial and estimating staff
    • Administration staff
  • Ensure work is delivered to achieve forecast gross margin
  • Be responsible for Monthly CVR’s in group format
  • Actively particiate and influence Branch monthly contract portfolio report for review
  • Monitor cost allocations within the Branch to ensure correct control measures are in place and cost are alloacted correctly and in a timely fashion
  • Manage invoicing disciplines within the Branch to achieve company debtor day targets
  • Monitor and assist with the agreement and collection of aged debt
  • Regularly check and audit purchases, timesheets to deter fraudulent practices and control valuation of WIP to avoid over valuation
  • Support commercial tender decisions within Branch, contribute to pre-tender submissions and deliver supporting documents & presentations as required
  • Contribute fully to weekly branch meetings to consider cost, value & progress of projects
  • Attend and contribute at Regional Management Meetings & National meetings as required
  • Communicate with regional managers/branch managers on the necessary contract practices to assist in improving commercial performance and mitigate risks of non- payment and dispute culture
  • Provide commercial assurance through forecasting, project review as required and identification of issues giving rise to commercial risk.
  • Provide guidance and advice on contractual disputes with clients/main contractors/sub- contractors to strengthen our position in these situations
  • Assist BM/RM with portfolio analysis, focussing on the following issues: WiP reduction; under-performing contracts; retention release; general branch profitability.
  • Identify specific projects that are not adequately performing commercially and assist in any way possible to improve performance (potentially through better variation recovery processes, more detailed use of bonus control, applications of extensions of time).
  • Oversee any large-scale applications for price increases, to ensure all facets of BCIS (TPI’s

etc) have been captured in the calculation of equation.

  • Participate and assist in negotiations of final accounts, dispute resolution, and any other key contractual matters for high value clients/accounts
  • Participate in the negotiations with clients in the agreement of rebate levels, based on sound commercial quantitative data
  • Proactively ensure that employees remain motivated and engaged with the business

Personal attributes and other requirements

Understanding finance

Leading teams

Planning and organising

Managing operational deliver

Problem solving

Developing people to their full potential


Good communication is a fundamental element of the role to ensure the efficient transfer of information. Good communication will ensure that information is shared timely which will result in more effective working practices. This includes communication with anyone that you may come into contact with such as your colleagues, line manager, clients and suppliers.

Effective communication will also ensure that your message is delivered clearly, concisely and accurately.


It is expected that you will work professionally in undertaking your duties and treat your colleagues with respect.

Good team worker

It is expected that you will be a good team player by being consistently reliable and provide a consistent quality of work. It is expected that you will demonstrate commitment and loyalty to the Company and act in the best interests of the Company.

We encourage ideas to be shared honestly and clearly and expect that you also respect the views and opinions of others in the team.

Adapting to changing situations is important as is establishing positive work relationships with other team members.

Engagement with other teams

Engagement with various teams within the business will be necessary which includes the following:


  • Direct Reports
  • Branch team
  • Heads of Departments
  • Directors
  • External key clients
  • Subcontractors



See description above.

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I recommend Sue and her team Sue is a dream person to work with. Sue understands the industry and takes time out to fully understand the needs of the employer. Sue provides a service that matches the employee`s skill set to the criteria set out by the employer. In essence Sue is a star performing individual, who goes the extra mile to guarantee a tailored solution finding recruitment package. I personally look forward to continuing my relationship with Sue and her team in the future.